The Kiwanis Villager April 2017

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The Kiwanis Villager April 2017

This edition is the first of the new, expanded version and I am very excited about it! The nearly 700 suites that the Kiwanis now have represents far more than simply being the largest provider of seniors’ homes on the North Shore. Sure, this is a lot of housing but it is, first and foremost, a community.

The vast majority of our residents see their suite as their permanent home. It is not a place they plan on moving on from any time soon. So, knowing that they are staying put and are surrounded by others who feel the same way, the desire to reach out and connect with others is often very strong. This is as it should be.

700 residents bring a huge variety of life experiences. There are endless possibilities for getting involved in existing events, or in starting up new ones. My personal goal is to help make the Kiwanis ‘Village’ be the most sought after place to live for seniors on the North Shore. This not only means having a clean, warm, and safe environment, but a vibrant and friendly one too!

The Villager is a great vehicle for enhancing this sense of community and I encourage all residents to submit material to the editors (Mia and Anna) be it recipes, poems, jokes, life stories, opinions etc. The Kiwanis North Shore community is just getting going and an exciting future lies ahead, so come to events and get involved in whatever way calls to you.

Read the full April edition here

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