Kiwanis Villager August 2017

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Kiwanis Villager August 2017

The expansion of Lynn Manor is beginning to take shape, at least on paper, through the addition of a low rise building south of the existing highrise. A concept plan has been sent to the District of North Vancouver for discussion, and there will be an open house at Lynn Manor on September 6th at 11am for our residents to review the plans and provide comments.

The proposed building will have 100 one bedroom apartments with underground parking. It will also have a new multi-purpose amenity room for the residents of both buildings to enjoy. And the project team is keen to explore energy e client building models including the possibility of solar panels for hot water heating.

The biggest challenge in providing affordable rental housing is the cost of land. In this case, Kiwanis already owns the land at Lynn Manor so it is ideal for an expansion project. However, this is the last piece of land that Kiwanis owns on the North Shore so we want to use it wisely.

It will take about 18 months to get project approvals from the District of North Vancouver plus an additional 18 months for construction. If everything goes according to plan, the building should be ready for residents in the summer of 2020. That seems like a long way o but the time will go by quickly. We know how important it is to add more housing for seniors and Kiwanis is committed to making a difference in our community.

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